“The biggest embrace of love you’ll make is to embrace yourself completely. Then you will realize you’ve just embraced the universe and everything and everybody in it.” Adyashanti

         We need support to nourish our commitment to our wholeness and our highest expression of our one precious life. We need to be willing to do the sometimes painful edge walking work necessary. With a great support team, it becomes easier to find our blind spots and navigate through them allowing us to blossom and come fully into our creative aliveness.

“If we fail to nourish our souls, they wither, and without soul, life ceases to have meaning… The creative process shrivels in the absence of continual dialogue with the soul. And creativity is what makes life worth living.” Marion Woodman

                              he has practiced meditation, yoga, intuitive and                                               somatic methodologies for the past 25 years. She built a private practice and worked for a decade in San Francisco working with individuals, couples and leading groups and workshops.   She soon began developing her own movement / dance therapeutic program called, “Rhythms of Acceptance” in 1994.  In 2000, Jacia moved to Chico and founded the Satori Healing Center where she has led retreats, workshops, dances; as well as one on one & couples sessions as an Embodied Soul Coach..  Jacia has taught classes, groups, healing workshops and retreats throughout California and Oregon.

                           acia (Jill) was born blind in her left eye since birth;                                    noted as the mark of a shaman as an eye to the other dimension from some indigenous cultural perspectives.   She is highly intuitive and brings with her a deepened and committed investigation of shamanic, meditative, and non-dual traditions. She also has studied and held  interest in Sufi, Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, and Judeo- Christian influences. She has been in a deep and profound investigation into the dream world and how dreams of the essential self manifest as a healing guide towards wholeness and embodied aliveness.

                            er commitment to transformative work over the                                        past 30 years has positively and profoundly touched 1000’s of lives.  She received her Masters Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 1993.   She received her Master Level Shadow Coaching Certification with Debbie Ford in 2002, and she received her 5 Rhythms Certified Teacher Training with Gabrielle Roth in 2005.  She has a Level 1 Somatic Experiencing Certification from Peter Levine in 1994 as well as participated in a year long Holotropic Breathwork study group with Grof certified practitioners in 1995.  


                             he has a marked ability to bring forth what needs                                           to be seen and addressed and transform it with acceptance and love.  During the many different challenges in her life she has spun from it “gold” alchemizing compassion and clarity from within.  She is a devoted Mom to her beloved son Devon Rain. Noted for her radiance, light, courage, clarity, kindness, embodiment, and wisdom; she carries a highly contagious joy and authenticity moving on the dance floor of her life helping folks to stand grounded and centered in their own internal being while guiding them towards authentic inner and outer freedom and expression.


There is HELP!

    I remember a few seriously terrible times in my life when I deeply needed insightful, compassionate & effective support.   I couldn’t find anyone to hold space for me in a way that truly met me.    Everyone I worked with offered me something of value yet, ultimately I had to do the deep inner work to put the pieces together.   Many different types of healers, teachers,  coaches & therapists spoke candidly to me saying they were not sure what to tell me.  Some graciously said they had not yet gone through the depths I was bravely facing and they admired my pursuit.  Nothing and no one could stop my determination to know my self, I sought truth, freedom and “True” Love. 

What I desperately needed were folks who were actually  ready to show up genuinely without their masks on; who authentically had the skill sets to truly support me.  I needed a weaving for the mind, the heart, the body, the sacred, the creative, the connective, and the practical to ground inside of me.   I needed integration and I couldn’t find anyone willing to jump into all these different terrains with me .   I wanted a synthesis.  I wanted the whole enchilada!  This is why I developed Embodied Soul Coaching , Retreats, and Workshops that interact in a way that engages the totality of you.  I wanted to offer support for the whole enchilada. 


Yes, I was brought to my knees in anxiety, despair, grief, loss, & shame many times this life. I was born with an initial challenge (later learned to see it as a healing gift) of being blind in my left eye. My best beloved confident, and only sibling Robert was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver when I was barely 19 and he nearly 17.


  The kind of terror that made me shiver and sick to my stomach.   I  would have horrible nightmares about snakes and worms regularly.   As I grew, I began to embrace my fear.  I learned that snakes were a symbol of power, life force, and consciousness.  In my twenties, I began having wild shamanic dreams where snakes would enter my mouth and fill my whole body with light and vibration dancing through me and then come out of me from my birthing canal.   I had dreams where a giant snake would be riding on the top of my head as I stood on the top of a mountain I’d been hiking. . Eventually I fell in love with the concept that I was dreaming the snake symbol to heal my own consciousness ,  Still, I remained scared of snakes and would quiver when I saw them in real life.   At 26 I decided to heal my phobia and trained with a friend to wear a giant boa constrictor around my shoulders while I danced in a community show. I actually did it !!!!

“Your life will be transformed when     you make peace with your shadow”  

Debbie Ford 


  This was a dream transformed, literally embodied and healed from within, and from there all sorts of dreams opened in my life. At 26,  I dreamed that  I received a letter from my soul.   It was written to me in Spanish and signed, “tu alma”. It was a letter welcoming me to meeting my beloved “soul” exclaiming to me “ I Am “.   It was palpably powerful and  I remembered the dream as if I was being thrown an invitation to my internal wedding.   Following this dream I soon dreamed that a dear friend and I would build me a beautiful dance studio and a great celebration would then ensue.    At age 30, I built this studio in real-time with a few “best friends”. I have been living in it and serving here at the Satori Healing Center for 20 years since, in Chico California.  

  Sometimes our true dreams are hidden in early joys we had that we minimized,  As a child, I loved to dance or move to music wherever I could.    I never considered this passion could become something I could earn a living from. I never even thought of this as anything but play.   I  had no models of encouragement to be a performer, nor an artist,  or an “exhibitionist” from my family’s viewpoint,    I remember clearly a dream I had when I was 21 having just moved to San Francisco for grad school .  I witnessed a beautiful long haired young woman dancing with ecstatic joy and power.   In the dream a voice called out to me,   "Jill ...remember this beautiful dancing spirit is YOU."   I woke up stunned.   Clearly my soul had other plans for me in addition to getting my Masters in Counseling Psychology at C.I.I.S.  

  truly loved being a counselor busy with a 30 client a week intern practice in the Bay Area.   I am passionate about loving and supporting people. I felt embodiment and psychology and awareness were meant to merge together somehow.  I soon found myself dancing and performing on the streets and stages with a tribal gypsy jazz trance band, "Thoth".  I  dared myself to use my voice,,  not just my body and I created a  one-woman performance piece.  Something in me was yearning to express myself in more ways than I understood.   I  knew if I could do this, coming from the background and experiences I had...well then...I knew anyone who felt the call could.    I  began to understand that everyone has within them their own unique expression and purpose waiting to be realized and lived.

  I began to see how much of my essence I had been holding back.   I soon became a teacher of a healing dance which I first named, “AcceptDance” .   This became the foundation of a later integrated work I called, “The Rhythms of Acceptance”.  My soul had caught fire. I would have to burn through all the fear and conditioning I had in order to become fully the human I longed to be.   I began dreaming at night of leading workshops in front of large groups of people..  As each dream came to fruition in my life I began to understand the key element to dream manifestation was trusting and embodying my own essence.   I couldn’t be anyone else but me.   This also meant any dream that didn't come to life or work out was not coming from my highest alignment.

  The beauty of this story is that I absolutely know all of you reading this have dream seeds planted inside ready to be tended.   You have the ability to nourish your soul seeds and allow them to grow, spring up,  and take root.   I delight in supporting this journey within us all.


  At 32,  I was at the finale night of my Master Shadow Coaching Training with Debbie Ford.  In one life-changing moment, she announced in front of her 60 or so graduates...; “ Did you all get a chance to dance with Jacia tonight?  Jacia … well, she is like The Ammachi of Dance, She is incredible and has much loving healing energy to gift ”.  Right then, I almost fell over in a joyous shock. I felt so seen and respected at that moment.  You see, Ammachi is a known beloved Hindu saint/Guru to many globally known as an embodiment of overflowing love and healing energy.   Ammachi also happened to be a teacher along my path, who visited me in my dreams regularly whom I’d also received a mantra blessing from years before..  

  At this very moment I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was my destiny to apply and train with Gabrielle Roth and The Moving Center School to become a 5 Rhythms teacher and then forge my own weave and blend of my counselling and coaching and other embodiment  skills  and tools to help folks really become fully alive and who they were born to be.   I wanted them to live their dreams too.   


I will help you to be a better attuned human operator of your “human vehicle”.   With this system on-line; dreams and desires that are truly in alignment can manifest! I am now living a life I LOVE!  It is a life that is meaningful, creative and of service.


Dreams can come true.

Like most of us,  as a child, I had unknowingly learned to tune out my internal signals which became louder and more insistent as I grew older.   I have had many pschic experiences and intuitive uncanny knowings about things before they manifested my whole life.  Eventually, I learned to LISTEN and to TRUST MYSELF. After 30 years of working with people, I recognize this as a very common human phenomenon.   I am committed to helping others to remember who they truly are and to step into a life of their dreams..  

  And guess what? Growth never grows old!   It keeps whispering  to me of what is next and I am going to listen.   Life is juicy and alive when we are willing to keep listening.  I hope you will too! 



  I have learned that inside our shadow often lives a locked up little one who is furious about not getting to live in the light of their dreams. 

  Should I step off the beaten track.?  Trust my own journey? Caution pleaded “no! ” but, the joy in my soul was undeniable. I chose to heed my call.   Because of Debbie’s willingness to be generous with her vision and give voice to it publicly,   It gave me the confidence and extra boost I needed to take my next steps to boldly step into the next phase of dreaming my life awake.       I found a profound meeting, teaching,  and ownership of my own gift which has assisted me to broaden and deepen how I work.    I help folks to transform through movement, feelings, listening,  and awareness while staying grounded in their bodies.  This combination allows me to fully coach them to move towards their life goals and souls expressions.  

  We all need supportive, grounded and life-affirming mirrors to inspire us and reflect us.   I'm grateful for so many loving reflections I have had along the way.   I’d love to be yours!

  Last story to share with you for now…   Growing up,  mirrors were never easy for me to receive.   Literally and figuratively.   I had a large confidence wound due to my blind eye. Yet, to my own surprise,  this one-eyed woman confidently and powerfully rocked a model runway at 50 years of age!   To celebrate my 5th decade I dared myself to audition and I was chosen.    I found myself walking the catwalk in front of a couple of hundred people at an alternative fashion show in the town I live in.   Not something I ever imagined doing at 50 or thought I even cared anything about whatsoever. I share this with you because I judged and minimized this part of my wound and denied this part of my little girl's dream yet,   This part of me was covered in my shadow.   When I embraced this longing to be culturally accepted and admited my longer for it, things began to lift.  The spell was broken by going through the experience rather than avoiding it.   Stepping in had so much healing power.     Sometimes the only way out is through!

  This little girl born blind in one eye had quickly ascertained that the camera, the stage and the show would never be a place she would be embraced in.    I learned to hide or be invisible. Yet in order to fulfill my purpose, I had to become even more visible both as a human and as a teacher of embodiment.    I had to complete this unhealed story and write a new positive narrative for myself to dream into.   This is one of the things we all must do so we don't live in our nightmares.

  It was absolutely mind-blowing for me!   A room full of mirrors

admiring not only my physicality, but more palpably my confidence, courage, and poise. I  finally reached THE END of this unmet longing for approval by meeting it from within.     I never would have guessed how deeply this creative act completed and healed a life-long perception of “ not enough’ which kept me playing small.    Life calls all of us forth to be here fully with our given gifts.   For most of us, it requires commitment and support to know, embody and celebrate the gift of our lives. Will you open to your call?


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