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      Besides delivering an inspiring message from the stage, I am committed to offering tools to anyone to be able to begin this transformation immediately either via my online options or in-person experiences. I enjoy staying for the full duration of the event and connecting with attendees to help discover how they can create their next steps towards that which they are seeking. 


You can expect prompt communication to plan, create and debrief the experience.  I customize the experience to meet your needs and can present in different formats,  whether that be a keynote talk, a panel discussion, a half-day workshop, an event, or a full-day or longer experience.

I've been featured in both Chico News and Review, Chico Enterprise Record, The Lotus Guide, Elephant journal and a speaker at Chico States Red Tent.


My most requested topics are related to:

  • -releasing stress and anxiety

  • -embodiment is empowerment

  • -overcoming trauma

  • -inspiration & motivation

  • -mental health

  • -grief /loss

  • -self-love, self-acceptance

  • -emotional recovery from violent crime

  • -conscious dance

  • -breathwork

  • -5 Rhythms Movement Practice

  • -creativity and self-expression

  • -women empowerment

  • -self-esteem

  • -intuition and listening to your inner voice

  • -finding courage

  • -overcoming obstacles

  • -the eating battle

  • - how conscious dance unfreezes emotional trauma 

  • - how grounding is key to clearing  trauma 

  • and more...

Be sure to follow me on social media and look out for my newest tedx talk "Grounding your way Through fear."


White Room


“This past week I had the opportunity to see Jacia speak in person at our TEDx event , and I have to say that I was absolutely blown away. She has such a great energy, presence of delivery, and the audience was hanging onto her every word. If you want to bring in a speaker who will absolutely overdeliver, Jacia is that speaker.”

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