Four Payments of $2,500 (one payment every 3 months)

or save $200 by paying the full amount.


2020 is your year!

This ONE YEAR package is a deep dive, transformative  experience.  Working together over a long

period of time allows us to more easily achieve greater progress towards your goals! 

+48 weekly Sixty minute Embodied Soul Coaching Sessions

+12 Fifty minute monthly VIDEO ZOOM GROUP Guided Inspiration Calls   

(you must still register if you want to attend) 


6 hour day (12:30 to 5:30 pm)  Jan 11th OR March 14th 2020 -to be held in Chico, California

( 2 day sat/sun weekend - non residential workshop 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Dec 5th & Dec 6th 2020) -to be held in Chico, California

THURSDAY JUNE 18th 2020@ 3pm till SUNDAY JUNE 21st  2020@ 1pm 2020                           
all meals included and lovely shared room at the Harmony Ridge Lodge,  nestled in the stunning beauty of the Tahoe National Forest - in Nevada City California.  When you purchase this package your registration and payment for this event is included whether you attend or not.  I highly recommend you do attend as it’s going to be nourishing and transnational and an experience to fully engage in.  It is such a treat to allow yourself the gift of being fully taken care of and outside of your normal environment to go deeper inside and be with yourself on a retreat made for transformation and inspiration.. You will need to confirm with me when you purchase this package a yes or a no to your attendance at this retreat for planning purposes as space is limited.  

+This package  INCLUDES OVER 108 HOURS of LIVE TIME WITH ME ( not including all the workshop hours and classes which are included whether you attend or not you have this optional feature )

+Your choice of either the zoom video Thursday AcceptDance class or in person Tuesday morning Dance sanctuary if applicable and you begin your program in January . 

+Emergency RoadSide Service - Yes. You have access to me via TEXT support or a quick S.O.S phone check in,  if you are truly feeling really stuck and need a quick reminder of how to listen to your inner guidance system or need a momentary connection of human witnessing and being held in presence.

+In depth pre prep questionnaire to help identify your goals and challenges.
+Weekly intuitive reflections from me to your email. 
+Your weekly accountability and responsive investigation required.
+Apply and Integrate new embodiment tools and practices.

THE WHOLE ENCHILADA!!! All the perks and all the textures are here for an amazing 2020! This package is by far the cheapest with the most inclusively offered!!   If you are truly dedicated to a juicy supportive year of transformation this is THE ONE!  


I'm IN!


Zoom calls will be a wonderful way to ground and integrate presence, awareness, and embodiment into your life. (These calls are available to those signed up for

one of the four coaching packages). 

   I will be guiding you through these processes. We will meet on the 7th of every month throughout the calendar year at different times and days except for October 7th.   Always on the 7th!  NOTE : Calls are scheduled on California Pacific time zone. ( Extra Sept group cal will be held instead of October call)

   If you are unable to attend these embodied meditation and inspiration calls on a certain day there will be a way to access the recordings for a short window of time.   The 50-minute Zoom Group calls are included in all packages once a month for as long as your package runs.


Tuesday, January 7th, 2020  4 pm PST

Friday, February 7th, 2020 4 pm PST

Saturday, March 7th, 2020  9 am PST

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020  8:45 am PST

Thursday, May 7th, 2020  4 pm PST

Sunday, June 7th, 2020 7 pm PST

Tuesday July 7th, 2020 7 pm PST

Friday, August 7th, 2020 8 pm PST

Monday September 7th, 2020 7 pm PST

++ Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 9 am PST++

Saturday, November 7th, 2020  9 am PST

Monday, December 7th, 2020 8:45 am PST

Friday, January 1st, 2021 4 pm PST


This work is a contract we agree upon with dedication and intention.  It is non refundable and my time will be pre- paid. If I agree to work with you, we are in a committed journey.   This agreement is based on my integrity and commitment to healing work for three decades and my understanding of what it takes to see growth effectively begin to take root.   I know how easy it is to want to back away when the going gets tough internally, or the outer world starts to feel more important and demanding .      





It takes discipline to be free.  The discipline is to recognize what within you is getting in the way of your true alliance with your essential self; so you can then stand strong, listen deeply,  face & embrace .

My commitment is that I will help you to find ,empower & embody your authentic self, nourish it,  and light up the dreams you are meant to move with . Change is possible only with due diligence and commitment!   We are going to have a beautiful journey! 


Do You have the discipline to be a free spirit?”

-Gabrielle Roth

The Embodied Soul Workshops & Experiences


-- The Embodied Soul Experience  - Level 1  --

  January 11th 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm OR March 14th 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm This is a 6-hour long experiential workshop utilizing breath, movement, meditations, writing, intuition & coaching; is a beginning taste of this work. It is an opportunity to become more present with what is wanting your attention and actively engage with it. 


 It is recommended, not necessary though, that you have at least experienced one Embodied Essence Exploration Coaching Session.  It is a wonderful way to spend a day in connection, embodiment, courage, reflection, & transformation. Fee $150.  Open to anyone.  (This retreat is already included if you have already purchased the 365 Alive,  On the Road to Essence, or 3, C’s packages. You must register to see which date is available ) held at the Satori Healing Center in Chico California.

-- The Embodied Soul Workshop -  Level 2 --  (note pre- reqs)

Dec 5th & Dec 6th  2020 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm This is a two-day experiential based workshop for those willing to explore themselves in a more in-depth container, their edges, their intentions, their disconnects,  and their possibilities Through multiple modalities we will work together to move closer into the home zone of truth.  We will dive back into ourselves re-emerging more resourced, witnessed & connected. Fee for E.E.W level 2 is already included in the  “365 Alive” package as well as “On the Road to Essence package.”


You must still register for the date if you are enrolled in a package that includes this. PRE- Requirements -   you must have completed the “Embodied Soul Experience Level 1” & either have completed the “Feet First Package “ or be currently enrolled in “The 3 C’s package”.  This event is held at the Satori Healing Center in Chico, California

I'm IN!

3 c's Package

Courage, commitment, and commence ! A bundle of twelve 60 minute

Embodied Soul Coaching Sessions packed with awesome extras. 

 +3 fifty minute  Group Zoom Video Guided Meditation & Inspiration calls 

+Admission to the Thursday morning Zoom online Wake up & AcceptDance  

or the Tuesday morning Dance Sanctuary Wave ( if dates apply by beginning

your program first week in January 2020) 

+This comprehensive 3 month  package includes admission to:

6 hour long workshop  12:30 to 5:30 pm on Saturday Jan 11th OR

Saturday March 14th  2020 ( date depends on now)

+Pre-prep questionnaire to identify your goals and challenges
+ Weekly intuitive reflection from me to your email
+ Requires your own daily accountability and responsive investigation 
+ Learn to apply and integrate new embodiment tools



This comprehensive 6 month package is sure to get you well on your

way towards a more fulfilled, connected, and embodied YOU!

 +24 weekly 60 minute Embodied Soul Coaching Sessions

 +Six fifty minute monthly group ZOOM VIDEO Guided Meditation Calls

+Admission to either the online Thursday morning Wake up and Dance

Zoom class or the Tuesday morning Dance Sanctuary wave

( if dates apply and you begin your program in January ) 

+This comprehensive 6 month  package includes admission to:

6 hour long workshop  12:30 to 5:30 pm on Saturday Jan 11th OR

Saturday March 14th  2020 ( date depends on now)

( 2 day sat/sun weekend non residential workshop 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Dec 5th & Dec 6th 2020)

+You will receive personal access  to me ++EMERGENCY ROADSIDE SERVICE.  

Yes.  You have access  via text for support when you are truly stuck and need a quick

reminder of how to listen to your inner guidance system

+ Pre-prep questionnaire to help identify your story, goals and challenges

+Weekly intuitive reflections from me to your email 

+Apply and integrate new embodiment tools

+Your weekly accountability and responsive investigation required


I'm IN!

A payments plan of $2,600 (one payment every 3 months) is available.


Commit 100% and dive into a year of YOU!

All inclusive, lowest price, break-down INCENTIVE!


Coaching Packages

In order to book any of the following packages you must have completed one 


You are the One you have been waiting for.

As we learn to truly love ourselves, drop our stories that keep us separate from our true knowing, and listen to what is calling us home from within, we land finally in the embrace of the one we have longed for;  our own embodied “soul” or “essence” which lovingly and devotedly holds us.

 Everyone and everything else is a gift and delight, the icing on the fully baked cake that you are becoming! I trust in your recipe.

 I know that only from presence, embodied awareness, and true compassionate acceptance & understanding does the doorway marked “change” truly open to allow you to walk on through.

  • I see who you truly are and hold space for your authenticity, courage, inspiration and radiance to emerge.  


  • I support you as you release trauma and unsupportive beliefs which have held you stuck in patterns and consciously rewire your neural networks. 


  • I hold you from a place of presence and awareness and re-orient you towards finding your own sanctity in present & sensory based awareness.  You become landed in your own body and integrated with your own heart and connected to your intuitive wisdom.  


  • I offer you new and effective tools to access the beauty, connectivity, purpose, freedom, love, and dreams that are within you and help you to realize them. 


  • I teach you how to listen and respond to yourself.  I remind you that only    from deep listening to the places you may have once abandoned or denied, comes a wisdom which allows you to recognize your essence, embody it and open the door to your unique self and its essential terrain


  • I help you to gain the confidence to empower and express whatever aspect of yourself you dream into being

  • I offer to you new embodiment and awareness tools to help you recognize your own signals. 

  • I help hold you accountable to the goals and steps you know you need to take to fully embrace who you are. 

When you are embodied in your essential nature you are in harmony with your soul. From here you can try on any new experience, roll, or task; while still remaining grounded, informed, connected and supported by the core of your authenticity.  By doing this work, you become available to your humanness. When you live grounded in your own unique prima materia you develop a much greater connectivity to the world around you. 


    Most importantly, you come into connection with the glory of your own essential self.   You will learn the gift of knowing how to center in your own body, heed the messages of the heart, understand the patterns of your mind, and mine the beauty and personal flavor that makes your “is ness” unique..   When you do this your own gifts, creativity and life force activate and you come into alignment. 

       EMBODIMENT is the key.   Only by becoming rooted and grounded in yourself can you heed your inner signals and respond appropriately in the present moment.  This naturally helps you deepen and hone in on your integrity, your aliveness, and your internal “bullshit” meter. 


        Ready to be the bright radiant star you are born to be? 

 During your EMBODIED SOUL COACHING sessions:

( free 15 minute phone consultation will happen prior to setting up your Initial Coaching call)


         1:1  Initial Embodied Soul Coaching Session  

                     fee  $1 75   (in person or by video)


      This is an initial investigatory 60 Minute Session of my devoted presence to you. This is your opportunity to share with me why you are reaching out .


  • You will receive intuitive guidance, reflection,  coaching, & embodied awareness tools to support you.


  • Together we will sense into what your next steps are and whether we are a good match to go further together.  I know from experience that you will gain something of value from this first session.                    



 Your sessions are designed personally for you    You are unique and your sessions will be a creative collaboration . This is not therapy, you will be provided with tools, reflections, skills, coaching and a compassionate depth translatable to your needs helping to  bring much understanding and appreciation for your personal journey.


TRUTH:   This is not a quick fix check list to ‘having it all”  This is the real deal of sourcing your own center and landing in the seat of yourself.   When you truly are informed by your inner listening and then sense and move from this place you will find your true permission to be  You.   

This will allow you to come home to yourself creating true fulfillment in your life as you break your outdated fears, patterns and conditionings.  Only from this place of awareness can you manifest the life you were born to live.






I'm IN!


This is the simplicity package! Ready for a month of committed,

weekly  1-on-1 60  minute  embodied soul coaching sessions.

+You must book an initial 1-on-1 embodied soul coaching session. 

+ This package can be booked consecutively / monthly upon completion.

+  Learn tools to listen to your body, clear your mind, feel your heart & ground your feet into presence creating new healthy habits that bring you into alignment to be able to access your dreams.


I'm IN!

Feet First Package

An introductory bundle of four 60 minute weekly Embodied

Soul Coaching Sessions to be used in 4 consecutive weeks.

+ In depth pre-prep questionnaire to help identify your goals & challenge

+ Weekly intuitive reflections from me to your email

+ Your weekly accountability and responsive investigation required 

+  One 50 Minute ZOOM GROUP VIDEO CALL ...of  inspiration, embodiment and meditation

( you will have access the month you are doing your coaching sessions package. )

+  Learn tools to listen to your body, clear your mind, feel your heart & ground your feet into presence creating new healthy habits that bring you into alignment to be able to access your dreams.



Feel free to join my mailing list to receive inspiration and updates. 


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