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You Be You. You Do You.

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

There is this fairly new catch phrase I hear folks saying to one another, “Hey, You do You!” Something in the tone of how it’s expressed used to grind against something inside me. I found myself trying to use this phrase casually to see how it felt to roll it off my tonguz... CLUNKY! So I decided I would use the phrase with a close friend and I would use it accurately. I didn’t miss a beat and she didn’t even seem to mind. In fact, I think she kind of liked it, and the bit of edge that rolled off of me. It’s a phrase that I could genuinely hear her say and it would sound authentic coming from her.

Yet, as I spoke it; I heard myself internally asking...” Why am I talking like this?” “ Who is the one who just spoke like that?” I realized it was a playful and emboldened actress in me stepping forward. I wanted to try and play this new roll and see if it resonated. Could I hold that kind of tone and have it feel true to me. It was fun to try it on, just lightly right then for a short moment. I tried on this feeling that came with it of being kind of oh... soooo cool , and hip, and a bit sassy and lighthearted. This is a part of me; yet, still something in the energetic of the tone of the statement was not truly my voice. I had taken it momentarily to try on from the outside in and it felt fake and inside me it fell flat. There was a hollow space between my heart and those words.

This is a teeny tiny example of what it can feel like to be in a relationship with your own center as you explore dialogue and authentic embodied expression. This is the spot where the inner you is always listening and present.

The thing is; just about every single time I used to hear someone say, “Well then, go for do you”... I couldn’t but help to hear a bit of an insult within. So I explored this further. Perhaps it’s because I heard my soon to be thirteen year old son say it to me when I walked out of my bedroom dressed in a style he didn’t approve of. I knew it was a half insult and a half letting go, as he really didn’t want to offend my taste or instinct or make me feel bad. Yet I knew I wasn’t embraced and i had to deal with it. These are great learning parenting moments.

Perhaps it’s because growing up I wasn’t really encouraged to be myself as I was a bit of an odd duck to my wonderful and more conservative family. Ultimately, I know there is absolutely nothing wrong or nothing right about a phrase or an expression. What is important is how it feels inside us as it rolls out. Just as someone loves to wear blue and someone else loves to wear green. We all have colors that really light us up and make us shine. What is good for the goose perhaps though is not always good for the gander.

Still, I tried this wording on because I liked it. What I really think is hidden inside this gem of a popular phrase is the permission we all need and want to learn. We are all here born to BE ourselves. We are not brought here to be someone other than ourselves. Most of us did not receive this message. Often in life, we have to try a whole lot of experiences on and fail miserably & suffer in multitudes of ways before we figure out what it actually means to be ourselves.

Please. You BE You! You DO You. Be DO BE DO BE DO Be DO! It’s like the song your soul is meant to sing and express, and the steps and moves your feet are meant to embody. When you are not coming from your source folks outside of you may or may not know you aren’t really being authentic. You may even truly be a fantastic actress or support roll for yourself or another doing something very important. It may be just fine and last for awhile...maybe this experience lasts with a good purpose for years. Eventually though, that hunger and knowing surfaces inevitably with a voracious thirst There is a stark feeling that there is something not quite right in your life. This makes it extra uncomfortable when left alone in moments to reckon with yourself.

That’s where I love to step in and help you to redefine, listen, feel, receive and acknowledge your inner signals. They are here to help you and when embraced have a natural course correction which leads you to the very things and experiences and feelings required in order to live the dreams you are truly meant to.

If you learn to listen to yourself you will know. It requires taking some risks and investing time and energy into yourself. You need to decide you are willing to be devoted and interested in you. The way perhaps you likely always wanted someone else to be, perhaps like a lover, partner, friend, child, parent, sibling, etc? Sound familiar?

From this decision to truly Be YOU life changes. From this knowing you can pick up the key ingredient to finding your True North, your True Purpose, your True Alignment, and your True Love. This is a love that never leaves you and is always present and embodied once you begin to truly live inside yourself and stand steady with yourself in loving acceptance and kindness towards your life’s experience.

So, I shared my simple story as a way to remind you. When you speak in a way that isn’t quite resonant with your own heart you begin to alienate yourself from your internal reality. If you learn to actually feel and distinguish this, then you will begin to take ownership of the gifts inside of you helping to create the authentic connections and expressions patiently waiting for you.

It’s become easy for me to sense the veils and help undress the costumes people wear and see and reflect choices to them in the now ; offering tools to become present and soulfully embodied. Learning to attune to one’s true source is an alive experience. Tingling in its presence, authentic, resonant and always healing; that is a true gift.

So hey, You Be You. You Do You. Yep. I’m speaking those same words again. The good news is that now, since I have articulated and expressed where those words are coming from within me, it feels truly like it’s my true expression. At least it’s mine for this moment. At another moment it may not be. We need to stay that close to ourselves to remain awake to the ebbs and flows and navigation of our lives. I had to unlock a few old spots and clear them. I had to share my perceptions. I offer them to you as I offer this opportunity to help support you in whatever ways I can so you can embody your beautiful soul! SO BE YOU! DO YOU! DOOOO BEEE DOOOO BEEE DOOO!!!!!!

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