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Trauma and Embodiment, the Waves We Ride.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Are you “trauma informed?”

Do you consider yourself or someone you love to hold a lot of “trauma”? Trauma is used as a catch all phrase sadly true as there is so much to trigger trauma response in our world.. Unfortunately living with trauma has become largely the rule on planet earth rather than the exception.

In the recent decades trauma awareness has become more acknowledged by the mainstream consciousness. Unfortunately though, many well intentioned healing practitioners of all types working with trauma are still very much in their own personal loophole of trauma remaining largely disembodied and caught up in the PTSD larger repeat field of repeated despair and unintentionally miss some essential pieces.

" This is connected to the fact that most of us are actually not living connected to their own center and sensing their own body beyond their brain."

Instead, we have learned to leave our bodies and operate only from our looping minds and fear based beliefs. This leaves us grasping for familiar safety, structure and generationally learned and passed patterns used as an unsatisfactory attempt to mitigate life. The body responds to the fear cycles and the mind continues to recreate and affirm the very experience it is trying to fend off leaving itself in a vicious cycle.

We as a society are only recently deepening in our understanding that trauma is not only happening frequently around us but, it is also passed down generationally and cellularly as a traumatic imprint. Many studies have shown our neurotic stylings are very much family systemic responses to generational trauma.

It would be silly and false to say that I am 100 percent free from trauma. Trauma imprint is more than likely to last for a long time. It is what we do with it and how we hold it that makes a difference. There is a certain way that life itself holds traumatic experience by its very nature leading to its endpoint of death.. I have experienced some severe traumas this life and one’s that should not ever be taken lightly. Trauma is something we all must face in some way or other and navigate throughout a lifetime.

However, how we live with it depends on whether or not we find the tools to help us understand how our trauma can be calmed and soothed. My experience is that the key to more and more freedom from the grips of traumatic patterning is by conscious embodiment, conscious breath, repeated grounding and centering, and awareness check ins; deepened journey work into larger collective unconscious patternings, along with living practices round embodying self love, self acceptance, respect, boundaries, compassion and empathy.

The other key that supplements and complements the healing of trauma is to be around people who are themselves truly empathetic, caring and supportive.

It’s painful and damaging to continually subject oneself to folks who through their own lack of awareness and internal understanding misguidedly superimpose their judgements about your progress, The experience of isolation and loneliness is a giant one for trauma survivors and does not need extra rubs. We all need to tread with extra kindness and compassion towards one another in these areas.

No one else can truly see the depth and breadth of your unique soul journey or trauma unless they are living inside your body with your brain and your consciousness fused into them. Even if one day science and technology develop some A. I. plug in for that…then it would still be lacking that spark of your own unique soul and its mystery.

The good news about embodiment work and Embodied Soul Coaching is that it is consciously always inviting you to root into your own body into the present moment awareness while inviting the past to be known, understood, and released, Helping release the painful circuitry roots that keep you spinning and re organizing your being into the nourishment the spaciousness inside provides. When we resource from sensing into the body and learning how to once again love and inhabit the full spectrum human that you are, life becomes more vibrant, colorful, hopeful and full of possibilities and dreams long ago forgotten remembered and integrated. Yes, Sometimes the triggers will impact but, the catch and balance within the internal system of my clients becomes quicker and

quicker till it is a much smaller rush than

a crashing tidal wave.

Time after time I witness and support my coaching clients and students with severe trauma histories who seem to come find with me after repeated stuck points in their lives or their experiences in regular “traditional” therapy.

Embodied Soul Coaching, dancing and breathwork meditative and inspirational spaces offer new pathways for healing to open. Clear breakthroughs can truly be felt and embodied.. Again and again, I witness folks come back to life, fall in love with their bodies, hearts, minds, soul and unique journey, and leave with their own self respect intact and new doorways which they never before dared to enter...opening.

Making room inside again for the dreams you are born to live means making space to release trauma from the body and awareness itself is ready to fill you into the new now where your dreams and love wait patiently for your arrival and back again and again.

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