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HEY HUMAN - Phone Home! Finding a True Homing Device

Finding a true home is not what it’s cracked up to be. Now more than ever, we are aware how quickly things can be shaken up, destroyed, or changed, whether that be a relationship, job, or physical, emotional, or mental space. No matter how firmly or painstakingly we have tried to create safety in anything external, the truth is that this life journey is a gift that is not always wrapped with bright ribbon or neatly tied up bow.

"Life is guaranteed to counter what we expected, but it absolutely is what we make of it."

I am going to say this again in a slightly different way. You have within you an inner guidance system. It is trying to speak to you all the time. If you are feeling distraught, alone, unfulfilled and unworthy, you likely have not been responding to your inner voice or hearing your inner callings in an honest and truly reflective way. Your awareness, commitment and attitude are what can make or break a good experience from happening here on planet earth.

We are all born into the soup of unconscious learned conditioning. If you are becoming aware that you are discontent with your personal story’s ingredients, you can benefit from receiving guidance and mentoring from soup stirrers who are truly soulfully enjoying their own personal recipe.

"Right now is the only time and chance for opportunity. Not tomorrow, next week, or next year as nothing beyond now is guaranteed."

Life in its very nature grows, changes, and ends in the form we recognize. Nothing remains constant except for that which we learn to anchor and honor within ourselves as our own essential true nature. Nothing manifests in time/space except for our souls’ embodied awareness. What you are experiencing is exactly what your consciousness is believing about yourself. I used to resent all of this kind of “babble.” I didn’t like the idea that I was responsible for creating my reality. Yet I learned through experience that this is true in the sense that our “consciousness” or our “awareness” is truly the secret ingredient for how we will experience our reality.

I dove deeply into awakening my consciousness after having had many intense experiences to recover from, learn from, process and transform. I can truly say I am thankful for every experience I have had. I remember a time I did not believe this could ever be genuinely uttered.

I have now been working for 30 years with thousands of clients to help them ground and land, listen to, face, receive, hear, and embody who they truly are. I know the only person we spend our entire life with is ultimately ourselves. I can’t think of a better person to invest time and presence and energy in. Learning how to ground into your self is a transformative experience that cannot be taken away.

Truly, no matter how much we may long to be known by another person, place or thing, if we don’t learn to truly hold ourselves, no one else will want to do this with you for very long, or be able to do it for you in a way that feels truly fulfilling.

" Home is an inside job."

Yes. I am simply talking about loving yourself. I know it is an overused slogan, but this age-old adage is here for a reason. There are actual practical and real steps you can take that will provide you with a level of grounding inside which leads to a life where you feel held from within. From this place you can actually root and live from the joyous and alive and vibrant part of your soul no matter what the circumstances.

I like to call this living from your “Embodied Soul.” This is the part of you that lights up when you are doing something you know you came here to do. It is also the part of you that is present and moved by a beautiful sunset, or a gorgeous rainbow after a storm. It is the part of you that perhaps you had to put away when someone made you feel unsafe about expressing your authentic feelings and embodying your authentic form. I always tell my clients, “Hey, if you aren’t even interested and willing to be present and listen to yourself, why do you think anyone else would be?” I recognize the only visitor that is constant is our breath passing through us moment to moment. When we befriend our breath and learn to honor and listen to the messages that our body, heart, mind, and soul is receiving we become our own home.

My work is my absolute passion to create safe spaces and connections with people to help them really secure what they deeply long for. There is nothing that brings more joy than knowing a little more suffering is alleviated each day.

E.T. phone Home!

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