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L.E.A.D Your LoveBall Game


Listen, Embody, Act, Direct

Listen: In this transformative journey, we start by listening to your unique story and intuition. Through attentive ears and an open heart, we begin to fully listen to what needs attention in your life.

Embody: Through a series of embodied practices, we facilitate the release, rewiring, and connection into joy, presence, and freedom. It's about bringing your whole self into alignment.

Act: Becoming the action is the key to moving from feeling stuck to the liberating realm of unstuck. Discover resilience, embrace change, and witness the power of intentional movement in your life.

Direct: Learn to direct your own myth and turn your life into a dream adventure. This phase is about taking charge and steering your narrative towards the destination you desire.


Your Six-Month Journey from the Dugout to Homeplate!

This six-month coaching process is meticulously designed to guide you through a profound transformation. Here's what the journey includes:

  • Twice a Month Coaching Sessions: Engage in private online Zoom coaching sessions with Jacia, your dedicated guide and coach.

  • "Rise Up And Dance" Program: Immerse yourself in a daily Embodied 3-month coaching program designed to uplift and energize your spirit.

  • "Grounding Your Way through Fear Toolkit": Access a 6-week online toolkit filled with daily grounding tools and weekly lessons. Overcome fears and step into a space of courage.

  • Accountability, Journals, and Weekly Inspiration: Stay on track with personalized accountability measures, reflective journals, and a weekly dose of inspiration to keep your momentum going.

  • Individually Planned Structure: Tailor the coaching to suit your unique needs and goals. This is your opportunity to architect the changes you want to see in your life.

Time to Fall in Love with Your Life!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that leads you from the dugout of hesitation to the Homeplate of fulfillment?

Join the LoveBall Game Embodied Soul Coaching Program and discover the profound impact of listening, embodying, acting, and directing your way to a life you love.

Take the first step. Let the game begin! Let your dreams unfold!

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If you’re not ready to fully go 1:1, here are some other programs you can do on your own for that on-the-go schedule!

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