-Tuesday Morning Dance Sanctuary / 5 Rhythms Dance Practice
      Come join in to move through the 5 rhythms dance and sweat your prayers in a safe and healing intimate practice.  This is an opportunity to dance to a 5 rhythms style dance wave in a safespace.  You do not need to have any experience with dance or 5 rhythms. You do not need to be any way other than yourself as you are.  You just need to have the wish to be in a space for sacred movement and expression and an open heart willing to experience and be extra held in the witness of a community of dancing others in their practice of moving through the Wave format.      You will gift yourself the chance to clear your mind, enter your body, open your heart, and get present with your spirit to start your day.

-Wednesday Evenings / Twelve Week Deep DIve into the 5 Rhythms Dance Practice
      This is a powerful and transformative opportunity.   You will be guided to truly understand and utilize the potent tools of the 5 rhythms practice.  Over the course  you will learn, investigate and build your own relationship with the rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.    This class is taught in a unique way as Jacia combines her work with "Rhythms of Acceptance " , as well as her skills as a coach and guide; in order to create a safe and profoundly transformational experience.   You will be surprised and delighted by the amount of healing and genuine transformation available in this course.   It will have direct correlations to the freedom, healing, authenticity, self-love and acceptance you can bring into your life.

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-Thursday Mornings Wake up and Dance  Online Zoom
     This 1.25 hour journey will guarantee a more connected start to your day and a more positive outlook for yourself.  You will have the opportunity to set an intention and share at the end with the group.  This is a loosely guided dance.  The first twenty minutes will be dedicated to getting into each body part and unlocking its wisdom.  The last twenty-five minutes are free movement and creative time.   You are welcome to move as you need or stretch, meditate and do art.   I can safely guarantee you will be looking forward to your Thursday mornings from here on out.   This is a monthly commitment.  

-Sunday Mornings  Sweat Your Prayers / 5 Rhythms Dance  Practice
      Come join in with this vibrant and joyous 5 rhythms practice.  The music will guide you to land in your body, open your heart, connect with your movement, and release, express, feel and flow.  An incredible way to start your Sunday morning .  Dance Yourself Home! 

Check out some testimonials from participants & live footage from events!


Transformational Breathwork

-Transformational  Breathwork Workshop  (Group)
  This Transformational Breathwork workshop is a dynamic healing opportunity to release pent up energy, thought forms, tension, stuck emotions, and open up blocked feelings, memories, visions, guidance and wisdom.  This potent and dynamic practice is done lying down and blindfolded and utilizes a deep and powerful breathing practice.   It is also set to music.


-Transformational Breathwork  Journey  ( Individual)
This is a 3-hour opportunity to dive deeply into transformational breathwork held in a one on one online setting. This work is deep and allows for the opportunity for the body to release old outdated patterns resetting the nervous system and emptying and re-energizing the being, Old emotions may come to the surface for relief, Old mind patterns and stuck beliefs can be navigated with the body and the breath. Sometimes people receive visions and guidance and experience shamanic or visionary states. Other times it is more physically intense. Each journey is unique. For more info and to assess if this is right for you message Jacia.



 Breathing Yourself Home

-Breathing Yourself Home;  A guided breath meditation personalized for you

   This is a private online guided breath-based meditation with guided imagery and body-based techniques to help alleviate stress, tension, negative beliefs, anxiety and fear. This has proven to be very helpful as a way to reprogram calm into the bein.  Jacia will consult with you before the session to get specifics on what areas you need in particular to relax and personalize the session for you.


-Breathing Yourself Home;  A group guided meditation for stress and anxiety

   This is an online and guided breath-based meditation with guided imagery and body-based techniques to help alleviate stress, tension, negative beliefs, anxiety and fear. This has proven to be very helpful as a way to reprogram calm into the being. 


                     Breathing Yourself Home experiences are gently and intuitively guided throughout by Jacia with visualizations, meditations, and healing invitations into yourself.  You are also taught various ways to breath and soothe.  This is a deeply meditative and relaxing experience.

( Check the Enroll page for more details and current offerings )



Journeys With The Collective

-The Embodied Soul Experience - Workshop Level 1 
   This is a six hour long experiential workshop utilizing breath, movement, meditations, writing, intuition & coaching; is a beginning taste of you. It is an opportunity to become more present with what is wanting your attention and actively engage with it. 

-The Embodied Soul Experience - Workshop Level 2 

   This two day long experiential based workshop is intended for those willing to explore themselves in an in-depth container, their edges, their intentions, their disconnects,  and their possibilities.  Through multiple healing modalities, we will work together to move closer into the home zone of truth.  We will dive back into ourselves re-emerging more resourced, witnessed & connected.

-The Chakra Journey 
   A multimodality workshop to empower and awaken.  You will leave feeling like you attended to your wholeness in a dynamic and meaningful way. This is a multi-modality creative workshop to enliven and activate and rebalance your energy body as well as revitalizing your soul.   This is a dynamic and interactive journey with attention to your body, heart, mind, spirit and soul needs.

-The RE-WRITE Course

   A transformational weekly writing workshop for healing and creative reboot. This workshop is dedicated to creating a safe space to be authentic and get your words out onto a page.  It doesn't matter if you are an experienced writer or just someone wanting to jump in for the first time.   Safe sharing and feedback meant to be helpful will be included, yet the goal is for you to get what needs to be reconciled out your way.   Jacia will offer prompts and exercises and tools to help get the words flowing.

-Write Of Passage Weekend Workshop
   This is a weekend workshop where you will focus on one particular story in your life and use both the arts of writing, movement, and other creative tools to move through it.  Heal, witness and be witnessed.  This is not for the feint of heart.  


     - Eorkshops ...individual descriptions on enroll page

     - Focus, Flavor and Freedom -5 Rhythms movement practice
    -- Endless Waves- 5 Rhythms movement practice
     - Intimacy. Connection and Communication - A 5 Rhythms movement practice
     - Move your Medicine- A 5 Rhythms movement practice

   Diving into the Season  Multi-Modality  Creative, Nourishing and Healing Ceremonial workshops . The seasons and the weather patterns and the natural rhythms of our lives impact us constantly.  Be being more connected with these natural patterns and honouring them we find our way back into balance, peace, joy, wholeness and empowerment.  These workshops are all different.   Look on the enroll page for more info...
(fall equinox,  winter solstice, full and new moons,  etc)

( Check the Enroll page for more details and current offerings )


Ready for Complete Healing Immersion & Reboot

These Retreats include housing, food, and customized programs. These retreats are designed to be a more personal experience with Jacia. If you want to get away from it all and have someone who will hold space for you whether that be solo, you and your partner, or you and a small group this is a brand new and beautiful opportunity.


You will be nourished mind, body, heart soul and spirit.   Retreats will offer possibilities of breathwork, customized movement work, dance, yoga, meditation, coaching, art therapy, writing,  silence, journaling, free time, etc.   Each type of retreat is different and can be customized to your needs for lack of activity or lots of activity planned. Jacia will draw from her 30 years as a healer , coach, and guide and help to make a magical weekend like none other.

- A relaxing and deep diving and transformative mind/body/spirit  healing retreat weekend - small groups

  A mind/body/spirit  Healing Retreat Weekend designed for you- individuals


A mind/body/spirit  Healing  Retreat Weekend designed for you- couples


( Check the Enroll page for more details and current offerings )

This is a residential retreat for those who are interested and willing to be engaged in the process of self-exploration, embodiment and creativity as a profound window to authenticity, aliveness and integration.   Come join me and experience multiple modalities of healing works with some of my favourite tools that I have taught, utilized & supported so many with along the way.
5 rhythms dance, transformative breathwork, writing, meditations,  silence, sound, music & movement, somatic processes of awareness, & witnessing, coaching, creative improve & more!  You will  dive into a safe container to expand, deepen, relax, honour, and celebrate whatever are the next doorways into your fullest Self.  
Gifting yourself time away from your regular world and being in retreat has an incredible benefit.   You get to step outside of your story of limitations and come as you are, surprise yourself directly from the moment, and engage

( Check the Enroll page for more details and current offerings )



Bring me to your personal or business retreat venue by contacting me here with a detailed description! 


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